Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, BonBon!

I was very disappointed to miss Bonnie's birthday party last night. I hope you were surprised, Bonnie, and that you had a great time! Happy Birthday! This is photo of Bonnie from last month's splurge party.

Yesterday, I just felt ... I don't know ... just not very good, though I can't even really put a finger on what didn't feel good. It wasn't sleepy tired but just ... weary all over. A total lack of energy, both physically and mentally. I felt that way Saturday, too. Very disappointing since I've been anticipating feeling good for these last days before my LAST CHEMO TREATMENT on Thursday.

I don't feel so energetic today, either. But maybe a little better. I just had a nice, long conversation with Hannah and that must be making me feel better. It's so nice that we both had the luxury of time during the day to talk. Mondays are a free day for her, not that she doesn't have lots to do regardless.

We were able to talk to Luke a couple of times on the weekend, too. He's participating in the Run for the Cure next weekend in Louisville along with almost all of his lacrosse team. On Friday they had the first of what might become an annual event where they play lacrosse against the women's Division I team from the University of Louisville. The catch is that they play with women's equipment and women's rules, which is a real change for the boys. The women's lacrosse sticks don't have pockets so the boys were forever losing the ball. In the end it was a tie-game, which was appropriate in a battle of the sexes. I guess it was a well-attended charity event, they had a lot of fun, met some new people, and raised money for a young girl with a brain tumour.

Hannah and I were discussing the differences between Bellarmine University, where Luke is, and UBC, where Hannah is. I must say that I'm particularly impressed with the way Bellarmine supports the whole student from the start of their freshman year and straight through. UBC, like all large Canadian Universities, basically expects students to make it or break it on their own. There's not really much support or guidance. Not much willingness to help students find success, where the opposite seems to be true at Bellarmine. I don't think all of the differences can be attributed to the vast difference in sizes of the two institutions. I think it's largely due to different philosophies.

And now, I really must do some things. I don't know what yet ... but something productive.


  1. Hey, chicky. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I was totally surprised! I was the first one in the house when we returned from supper and I couldn't believe it when I turned on the lights and there were people waiting in the dark! We were supposed to be back home about 8 but our supper took until 9. I thought Kelvin was slipping away to check on the Rider game score, but he was actually phoning home to let them know we were still waiting for our food so they didn't have to wait so long in the dark ... just a few laughs...

    Look forward to seeing you - hopefully, Sunday!

    Bonnie :)

  2. Hi Bonnie! I'm so glad Kelvin was able to pull off a total surprise for you. I only wish Kevin and I had made it, too. I would have had a blast. And a few laughs, of course, too.

    See you Sunday on my front lawn before the walk/run. I hope the weather's good.


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