Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Can Say It Now ... Only 1 CHEMO LEFT!!!

Here I am at my chemo appointment. Just call me Icy Square. I thought you might be interested to know what the ice boots and gloves are like. Let me tell you, they are icy cold! I think I have frost bite on the backs of my hands! We switched to icier ones a couple of times as they warmed up during the injection. We were there for almost 3 hours. I also chewed ice chips that Sylvia spoonfed me. Maybe this will help prevent some of the mouth discomfort I experienced last time. It was worth a shot.

You might notice that my face is pretty rosy. No make-up. No tan. I avoid sun while on chemo and, if I have to be out in it for a while without an umbrella, I have on 60 spf suncreen. No, the tanned or sun burned look is thanks to dexamethasone ... my steroid friend/enemy. This morning my one cheek was really red in particular. It was like that last time. I wonder why only one cheek usually gets red at a time. Chemo ... who really understand it?! That is the adventure of chemo.

Thanks, Sylvia, for being my attentive nurse and Mom in Kevin's absence. All went well. Sylvia was on top of everything, of course. Once a nurse, always a nurse. I'm glad to have her on my team.

And now I'm home and Mom just arrived. I've had lunch and now I might have a snooze if I can. The Benedryl makes me very sleepy. It's what they give me to help prevent any potential allergic reaction to the Taxotere (chemo drug). We'll see if it will override my "upper" dexamethasone.

Thanks, everyone, for cheering me on through this. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

And now ... to lounge.

PS: You might also be interested to know that I now have some peach fuzz growing on my scalp ... very soft but there. I might lose it again this week, but it's nice to know it can reappear. No photos, though. I haven't got to the point where I can look at photos of myself bald and if they make me wince, I'm obviously not at a point where I'll put them out there for the world to see. Still, I told Kevin I should make sure I have one or two just as keepsakes. Maybe I'll be so brave one day. Or ... so lacking in vanity. One or both of those.


  1. Hey Heather! Have a good snooze! Good to hear you're doing ok and I hope this round will be uneventful for you. YIPPEE FOR YOU!! 1 CHEMO LEFT!! RIGHT ON!! Take Care!


  2. Hun .. you look beautiful to me! Know that the the islanders are cheering for you. Feel better soon .. xoxo

  3. Hi, Everyone.
    Thought I should tell you that Heather has computer problems today so that is why we are without a blog. I was fortunate to see her for a moment this morning and she was so far so good. She of course will be back on line when the repairs are complete. Heather did just great yesterday and there is only One to go.
    Hope this was okay Heather to put out the word re your blog free day.
    Anonymous as in Nurse Cratchet(Sylvia)

  4. A Big shout out to Heather from all us Steponchevs!You are totally acing this thing by the looks of the photo.You got your "SWAG" on in those boots and gloves.If you have to deal with the "C" word, and I KNOW you detest several "C" words ,you sure have an amazing,resilient spirit! Thanks for making Mikael even more ECSTATIC today. He got his Bison 3-D shirt from you guys and went down on his knees and prolaimed at the top of his lungs,"I LOVE MY LIFE" It is freakin` amazing!Hugs from all ,Chuck

  5. You've successfully filled my last couple of Sunday mornings--it's been quite the read!! You are looking great--haven't changed a bit since high school!!!except for maybe the husband and the grownup kids!!OMG--your kids are all grownup (they sound like great kids). I'm in AWE of just how strong you are--you may think you're a wimp, but like you said, "cancer isn't for everyone". It is a rough game. Thank goodness for great teammates, cheerleaders and fans. I can't think of a better team to join. You go girl!!

  6. Hi all! I'm sooooooo glad to have computer access again! That might have been the worst 6 days of my treatment ... okay ... maybe not as bad as the hospital part.

    Karen, glad to hear the cheers all the way from the great Island! Surely, that's got to help!

    And from Shelley, too, way over there on the west coast. Near and far, I'll take all the cheers I can get.

    Glad to know, Cheryl, that Mike is on cloud nine with his Bison shirt and all other kizmet that came his way on the same day. Life is good, ain't it?!

    Thanks, Dev, for your steadfast support. One left. I must admit, though, that even 1 left sounded ominous to me yesterday. Better today, though.

    Thanks very much, Syl, for posting about our internet issues. I was feeling just sick about not posting and worrying people.


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