Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Evening Update

These are the flowers we have that open and close with the sun. Through Nora I've learned that these are called "Osteospermums". They come in different colours, too.

Today again, I'm a little short on va-va-voom. Sad. I had hoped to be doing more at this time. Nonetheless, I did go out today to run an important errand. My Macbook's network connection failed AGAIN yesterday. One minute it was working one minute and the next minute ... gone. I had to take it to the help desk at the University where it took over an hour for them to figure out what was wrong and, even now, they're not really sure of the what and why but they did get it working. For some reason some file is randomly corrupting all by itself. At any rate, they got it working. I needed to get it fixed before chemo. I've learned that not having my computer is bad for me.

I also marvel at how very weak I am. I almost had to stop and take a moment walking from the arts building to my car and it wasn't very far, though I did have to climb a couple flights of stairs and the walk to the car was uphill. Still ... And then, I stopped briefly at the grocery store on Clarence and 12th to pick up a couple of items and I could hardly find the strength to get the door open when I left. Somebody should kick sand in my face while they can get away with it! I really can't wait to get through the next month and then start a fitness routine.

My tasebuds have grown back temporarily. Unlike last time, though, it hasn't incited in me a need to gorge on everything I like. Not yet, anyway. Panic might set in still. My fingertips and the bottoms of my feet are still numb and also, in the past few days, I've had some edema (water retention). As with the numbness, I'm really surprised that it would start this late after my chemo injection. Edema is a common side effect of taxotere and taking steroids before, during, and after treatment is meant to hold it at bay along with nausea and allergic reactions. Maybe the steroids stay in the system longer than I imagine. I know it's not normal water retention because my ankles are still swollen when I wake up in the morning. I'm probably holding on to about 3-5 pounds worth of excess fluids. I'll discuss it with my oncologist when I meet with him on Wednesdady. Maybe it's contributing to my feeling blah.
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