Thursday, September 24, 2009

Living The Vampire Way

I had a good day. I felt pretty good. The only catch was that I couldn't go outside because of the heat and the way my face negatively responds to it. So here I stayed in the cool of my home. Was I productive? Not so much. But I enjoyed myself all the same.

And then, when Kevin got home from Battleford around 9:00, we made like vampires and went out into the night. I fed on ......... subway. We had a carwash date. And then home again. I would like to go for a walk but the skin on my legs hurts when I walk. It's the jostling. Jostling doesn't happen much around the house so I don't notice it so much unless I touch my legs or bump into something. I gently position them when I go to bed so one leg isn't hurting the other.

I haven't mentioned that my eyelashes are now really gone. Some time ago they had thinned to the point where I didn't bother with mascara and only used eye liner to provide some definition but now they're really gone. Do you know how tricky it is to put on eyeliner when you don't have a lash line to follow? Not so easy!

Let's hope I sleep better tonight. I refuse to use sleeping pills at this stage since I'm not on steroids now. Normally I sleep so well. Last night I was doing the hokey-pokey in the night with my limbs and I was also constantly removing and then putting on again the toquie thing I wear on my head when I sleep. It was almost like getting exercise! Especially since I kept losing my toquie thing and had to get up and dig through the covers to find it.

I love fushias. Love them.


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