Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

I'm happy to announce that I feel like I've come out from under the rug into the sunlight even though it's not sunny this morning. It feels sunny to me. I feel stronger this morning. My muscles feel stronger and I feel cheerier. It might help that my temperature this morning is almost down to normal. It's under the 37 degree mark, at least. Unfortunately the rash on my face and now neck is just as bothersome and itchy. DAMN!! But it's good to feel that I have more fortitude to manage the discomfort of it.

I'm looking forward to the distraction of the Rider game this afternoon.

Thanks, everyone, for your care and strength through this particularly rocky time.



  1. Dear Heather
    So very sorry you have had these terrible days with such a huge variety of side-effects. You are so brave to keep us all informed, though I do find that writing things down often helps. I hope it is helping you in some small way, even if it's just to define how you are feeling. And the crying, well, I can understand the crying. It's not pity at all; it's a release of pent-up anger, frustration, fear, despair, pain, all of those things. Best to get it out of you. And I bet you did feel a bit better when it was over.

    Jim and I were up at 3:30 yesterday morning to catch our flights back to Saskatoon from Ottawa. We are both so glad to be home. Yesterday was a glorious day for homecoming. We did little else but lie about and read and enjoy the garden after we got a few groceries in. I had thought I was saying goodbye to my garden when I left on the 10th, but it is still gorgeous and thriving. What a bonus! And I am even enjoying this rain today. Everything was so dry. Today is a day for lying in bed reading with a cup of coffee, and listening to the apples fall off the tree at the bottom of the garden. Sometimes they sound like bullets hitting the deck and actually wake us up at night. The porcupine enjoys them, however, and it keeps him from stripping the tree.

    Keep well, my dear. Only one to go!!
    Love, Nora

  2. Hi Heather
    Just had to post this one small thing. I know the letters are chosen randomly in the word authentication thingy you have to identify in order to post and thought you would be amused to know my word just now was "bumplay." I realize the word nazis might bleep that out in this post; if they do, I'll send you an email to your other account.

  3. Hi Nora!

    Okay. That made me laugh out loud! That word thingy is called a "captcha" and I've never had one as "unusual" as that. Very funny that it made the cut.

    I'm so glad to say I'm over that depressing crying jag. It's so demoralizing. If I wasn't posting to this blog, though, I really think it would go on longer. This is another benefit of the blog that I could not have anticipated. It keeps me accountable to more people than myself. If only Kevin and I had to know about it, I might just turn into a puddle of rotting refuse on the sofa for the remainder of this treatment and then it would be even more difficult to resume a normal life afterwards, I think. I thank all Powers That Be for all of you.

    I'm so glad to hear that you're home again in the happy comfort of your own home where you can putz about to your hearts content. Bonus that your garden thrived while you were away. Mine is looking sadly shabby though there are still some pretty spots. Thanks for the sublime image of your leisure life ... with sound effects. With such a serene and fruitful environment, no wonder critters flock to you.


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