Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Moon Face and the Splurgers

This is what might have been Friday night's post if I'd had an internet connection.

I felt quite good on Friday. It seemed like much of my day was spent trying to resolve internet issues and then napping. I hadn't planned on being at splurge but, since I was feeling better than expected, I just showed up. We had a GREAT time! As always!! As you can see, they're a VERY silly bunch. Two of the crazy bunch were missing (they'll be sorry), which is unfortunate! These crazy, wonderful women are super team members and you can bet they'll stand out in the crowd at the CIBC Run for the Cure.



  1. It was so very AWSOME to see you again -- and my friend, you look wonderful! Yes, those 2 absent splurgers are most definitely going to be sorry they missed ... they snooze - they lose! I look forward to getting together real soon - so hoping all those crappy side effects disappear pronto. If I could, I would "take" them for you, but since I can't, you keep kicking butt girlfriend and we'll keep cheering you on!!!

    Buddy Bon

  2. Thanks, buddy BonBon! Thanks for your willingness to share all this yucky stuff but since that can't happen (and I wouldn't anyway, silly girl), it's great to at least have some butt-kickers by my side.


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