Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nimble Fingers Now Numble Fingers

Well, it's not as bad as all that. They're still pretty nimble. But my fingertips are definitely numb, like the bottoms of my feet. What surprises me is that side-effects are still emerging this long after my taxotere injection. My fingertips don't hurt and the numbness doesn't prevent them from doing what I want them to do, but they do feel funny. It started yesterday.

My face started peeling last night, too. It's not as bad as I had imagined either. I'd been horrified at the thought of skin hanging from my face leaving splotchy marks as it is peeled off. Not so. I put lotion on last night and as I rubbed it in, loose, dry bits of skin rolled off. No splotchy marks. More rubbed away this morning.

Those little side effects don't prevent me from feeling good today. I don't say "this morning" because I slept so late, it's closer to afternoon! I didn't have the best sleep during the night but I was able to sleep better after 7:00. That's okay. Nothing on my calendar that I had to be up for. It looks like another shockingly beautiful September day! Enjoy it, everyone!

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