Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Last Thursday Night's Flower Photo

This is the photo I was going to past last Thursday night along with an update to say I was doing great ... that's when I learned we had lost our internet connection.

Anyway, these are bouquets from Don and Sylvia's garden. Sylvia borrowed a couple of my head vases for them. Aren't they gorgeous??!! The girl in green is my third head vase.

And, by the way, I was feeling really very good Thursday night.



  1. So glad you're back!! And feeling well.
    LOVE the vases and the flowers.
    Also - must let you know, if you're still thinking about a new puppy - I have a good lead. . . Ellie's very cute little brother may be available. The owners had planned to keep him (Gus), along with one little female deaf mate (Jessie). They are finding that he is not getting enough attention with having to give the little deaf girl more attention - Not to mention all the adult dogs. So if you're interested let me know!

  2. ooooo ... Laurel!! I'll be passing the pup info on to Kev right away. I don't know if he has his heart set on anything in particular right now but I'll let you know if we're interested. Thanks for keeping an eye out for us.

    It's so good to feel connected again. Damn SaskTel for taking so long.


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