Sunday, September 27, 2009

It Was A Boob-A-Fest!

Here. A platter of various kripsie boobs from last night's Boob-A-Q! Hilarious! Thanks, Alyssa, for the fun idea and the work you, Helena, and your Mom and Dad put into this awesome fund-raising event. It was really fun and great to see everyone there. We sure had some laughs. I hardly saw Ross because he was mostly outside managing the barbeque end of things. But soon we were all inside, eating and watching the Rider game in the kitchen. Carol led us in the wave and I must say, it was VERY effective even if we weren't masses of people in a stadium. Go Riders!!

I thought this was a particularly good photo of the two Affleck girls: Alyssa, who lives here in Saskatoon and Helena, who is just visiting from Lethbridge for the weekend. They're standing in front of their handiwork.

This is Carol demonstrating where the boobs would naturally sit on her and where they would now naturally sit on me.


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