Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lots of Good Lacrosse

Two games yesterday and two today. Three wins, one loss. The boys beat Manitoba, South Saskatchewan, and the BC Stars. They lost this morning to Ontario but gave them a good run! During the first half our boys were either tied or ahead by as many as 3 points. Things didn't go so well in the second half where the depth of the Ontario team showed. Still, I hope the boys get a crack at them again tomorrow. I think they made the Ontario team nervous. Ontario had been super dominating in all of their games up until this one. I could tell the Ontario parents didn't like the first half. Not one bit! Whiners!

The weather was supposed to be HOT and sunny all weekend. Yesterday morning was kind of chilly. This morning was downright cold, mostly because of the wind. The temperature itself gets quite warm in the afternoon. It was so windy I had to hold on to my wig for fear it might blow off and go tumbling away. That would have been a fright, wouldn't it?!! This morning, even though it was cold and cloudy, I wore a hat over my wig because the wind whipping through my wig makes my head so cold. By yesterday afternoon my head was so chilled, I didn't go to the parent dinner. I stayed in our hotel room, relaxed, and tried to warm up. It took several hours before I felt the chill ease. It was best I stayed home and rested, though.

Fatigue is the only thing really plaguing me. It means napping in the car or the hotel room and skipping the evening get-togethers. I miss evenings with the other parents. Aside from being so tired, the only other irritation is with my PICC-line bandage. It seems I've developed some reaction to it. I've had a raised, red welt about two inches long since last Tuesday (the day the bandage was changed) ... where the edge of the bandage has been but only in the one place. Strange. I've peeled the bandage edge back and would replace it altogether if I had something to replace it with. I'll be getting it redone on Tuesday at the Champion Centre so I'll probably just address it then.

One good thing about the wind. No mosquitoes.

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