Friday, September 18, 2009

Taxotere is EVIL!!

I feel awful today. Deadly fatigued. Slightly nauseous. My face is still red and itchy and dry ... my neck, too, a bit. I've lotioned my face and neck to the max because the heat can only be very drying. I've heard about some women's skin peeling and I don't want that, of course! I have a call in to the oncological nurse to see if there's anything I can take. Maybe benedryl? From my reading, I believe this is a slightly less common reaction to the taxotere. This morning my eyebrow area is red, too and my eyelids are a bit puffy. I feel like puffy, red, pig-face creature. How ugly is that?!

I'm sorry to say that this feels like a "curl up in a fetal position and cry" kind of day. Don't be alarmed and I wish there was something someone could do, but I know it's just one of the days I'm just going to have to work through on my own. I don't feel like any attempt at cheering would be helpful. It just helps to know that you're all there and that your hearts are with me. That buoys me as much as anything.

So, please just let me sink into this shitty day and I'll expect to be feeling stronger later or tomorrow, at least. You know, it's hard to choose to be honest here but, for me, I think it's important.

PS: I just got a call from the Champion Centre and they're prescribing an antibiotic for me and suggesting benedryl with the stipulation that if the fever goes up to 38 degrees and if the red, itchy face persists, to go to Emergency and get it assessed. Hopefully this will help.

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  1. Good luck with that, hopefully you find some relief.


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