Tuesday, September 29, 2009


How appropriate on such a windy day! How Laurel got them here without them blowing away can only be attributed to hairspray!! Aren't they pretty? Thanks, Laurel. I'll bet you had these in the house during your farm girl days, too, right? And thanks for the stack of magazines. As tempted as I am to tie into them right now, I'm going to save them for the down and dirty days of sofa solidarity to come. I'm sorry I missed you when you stopped by. I was home put "indisposed" at the time.

I also missed you, too, Cheryl, for the same reason. You would not have wanted to see me at the door under the circumstances. Trust me. Thanks for returning the camping gear and for the choco-croissanty things. Yummy! My tastebuds are temporarily returned and so now is the only time I'll be able to enjoy chocolate for a while. I'm glad to hear that Alexa's birthday t-shirt arrived and that she's happy with it.

I had planned on running out today to do a few things but my even puffier lower limbs kept me feeling sluggish. My legs are tight as sausages and my toes look like a series of little memory sticks ready to be unplugged from my piggy-pop feet. I'm awkward on the stairs because my ankles are so tight they don't bend properly and my legs are so tightly packed that there was no graceful way out of the tub. Good grief!! Why now?? This is a question for my oncologist tomorrow, I guess.

And soon, your plumpness will recline with feet pointed to the ceiling while watching So You Think You Can Dance Canada. Such is the life of a chemo princess.



  1. Hey Princess Heather....
    Just your friendly neighborhood splurge sister/ho Gail here. Haven't been onto the blog lately so had to spend some time and catch up. Sounds like you have been having som weird/unpleasant symptoms but still have been managing a few outings which is good. I know this Thursday is your last session of chemo. I really hope and pray that everything goes well with that and that you come through it feeling not too badly. We are of course hoping that you will make it out to walk with our team on Sunday but totally understand if you are not up to it. We are planning to meet at your house probably around 830 or so and have a picture and a cheer with you at least. If that does not work for you let me know. But that is the plan so far I think....Get your feathery hat ready!!
    Anyway, hope all goes well on Thursday.
    You are done soon!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PS Just so you know I have been admiring your strength and determination this entire time the way that you are facing this whole thing. Don't think I could have done it with such grace. You are my well as my friend.

  2. Awwww, Gail! You're so sweet! Thanks for your very kind words and for your steady encouragement. One more month and, hopefully, the worst of the chemo after-effects will be over and I'll start feeling increasingly human again. I can't wait for that!

    Carol mentioned to me the plan for people to meet here on Sunday before the race. I'll post a note about it here on my blog when I have the details.
    That's a brilliant arrangement because then I'll get to see everyone for sure. As the date gets closer, I'm increasingly convinced that I won't be able to make the trip to the race site, though I should be able to make it out my door, at least! It would be great to see everyone and get a photo of the whole mottley crew! I'll have my pimpin' hat ready!


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