Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Have a Good Feeling ... I Think.

I am so taken with this homemade "bow" that Kevin's cousin, Jo, decorated a gift with. Little dried and tied selections from her garden bundled with rafia. So pretty! I love it. What a talent you have for this, Jo! It's now hanging like a tassel on my armoire door. Thanks, Pete and Jo for this and for the book, mineral water, and your care. I haven't read that book and it's on my list, so thanks! By the way, here's how genetically connected you are to your cousin, Kevin, Jo: The funny card you sent is the same one Kevin picked out yesterday to give to his friend, Kelly. How bizarre is that? We all know how many cards there are out there, right? *cue in twilight zone music*

Yesterday we also had the pleasure of seeing Kevin's Uncle Bill and Auntie Eileen while they were in town. We all met at Don and Syl's over lunch, which was lovely. Thanks for homemade buns, Auntie Eileen. What a treat. I should take a lesson. It was great to see you both.

I had a solid nap in the afternoon and a good sleep last night and am feeling pretty good this morning, though it's early to know how the day might go. I haven't used sleeping pills for the past two nights and I'm very happy about that. As much as I am grateful for the sleeping pills and the sleep they've allowed, I have spent my whole life shunning anything potentially addictive so taking sleeping pills has been unsettling for me. I'm glad to know I can still sleep well without them.

What I'm finding with this last chemo treatment is that unlike the first FEC treatments where I would get days where I felt very good, I don't quite get to a point where I can forget that there are toxins still working in my system. There's always something. Yesterday, for example, I felt quite good ... tired, of course and weaker than "normal" ... but it's all the other little things that keep me alert to the fact that things are not normal yet. Little itches here and there ... little pains and aches ... a sun spot on the side of my face has just darkened considerably over the past couple of days (skin pigment changes and such are listed as side-effects) ... nausea a few times a day but always in the evening ... just a bunch of things, none of which are horrible, just reminders. Last night I was doing some sitting work when all of a suddenly my head got very hot. I whipped off my toquie-thing and gave my head a rub. It was burning hot. But my ears got icy cold and I got chilled goosebumps on my legs. I had to grab a blanket, warm my ears up with my hands and yet my scalp was crazy hot. How strange. It only lasted about 20 minutes but, like Anne said, "Cancer isn't for everyone".

Today will be a busy day, starting with bloodwork this morning at the Champion Centre. It looks like another beautiful summer day! We'll take it! Enjoy, everyone!



  1. Hi Heather, It`s me again! I am so PUMPED for you that you get to FLEE your BUBBLE and hit the wide open road tomorrow. It meant the world to Alexa to have you and Kev here tonight for her party.You are very important to her.Have a great trip (it felt awesome to type that to you)Love Chuck

  2. Thanks, Cheryl! I'm awfully excited about going somewhere ... ANYwhere! And seeing Luke, of course.

    We're so glad we could be there for Lucky's 13th birthday. At this age they change so quickly it seems and she does seem so much more grown up ... and tall!

    I placed the t-shirt order tonight. It should be shipped in a few days and should arrive in a week or so.

    Thanks for being excited for me! Imagine us clutching each other and jumping up and down while laughing madly. That's how excited I am.

    Love, Heather


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