Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Flyin' High!

This photo is of the boys that are now retired from the Scorpions Field Lacrosse team because they're all now too old. How sad. It's nice to have a photo of them with their incredible coaches, Al and Mike.

Today I started my dexamethasone (my 'roid) and I'm just trippin'! I first realized it when I was typing an email and I was amazed at how fast I was typing. My fingers were flying. Yup. Uppers. How else to explain?! And then it occurred to me that I'd done a lot of errands during the day and seemed to have some extra energy and felt warmer than I normally would have. It has to be the dexamethasone. Tonight Lynn picked me up and we went looking at show homes in Stonebridge and then stopped by Kathy's place for a moment. Always nice to see Kath. And now here I am ... still flyin'! What a good feeling! Of course, this also means a sleeping pill tonight, which I'm not so thrilled about. Still, I know I need them to get through the "tired but wired" part. Suck it up. I do understand how people can get hooked on using these uppers and downers, though. I do like feeling oddly energetic and even hyper for a change.

Thanks, everyone, for your comments, emails and phone calls. I'll wrap myself in the comfort of your care and prayers and barrel on through this chemo and then ... only 1 left!!! Nurse Cratchet will be with me. I'll miss Kevin and his helpful attention to detail but Syl will be hot on all of that, I know. Mom will be in tomorrow to stay with me for a while. I'm in the safe and caring hands of my two Moms and all of you, too.

Good night, everyone! Tomorrow we kick some cancer cell butt!

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