Monday, September 28, 2009

Hannah as Muse

This piece is called "The Hush I Let Go" by Graeme Berglund and is on display at the Douglas Udell Gallery in Vancouver.

I don't yet know the story behind how this came to be but you can bet I would love to have it on my wall!

Here's the link to the bigger photo.

Note: The story behind this set of paintings is that Hannah was downtown in Vancouver and a guy asked if he could take some photos of her and use them for a painting. And that was that. It was quite a while ago, Hannah said.



  1. Such a classic beautiful look, on a not-so-classic but very interesting piece of art.

  2. I marvel at how well the artist captured Hannah's exact likeness. Even the way her little finger curls up a little bit. That's exactly Hannah's finger. I find it almost like a photograph in its likeness of her.


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