Monday, August 31, 2009

Two Steps Forward. One Step Back.

Isn't this head vase bouquet pretty?! Sylvia arranged these flowers in one of my head vases. I have a small collection. This is the first one I ever got. I'd never seen them before and was smitten with it at a garage sale some years ago and it was mine for $1.00. They're at their most charming, though, with actual flowers in them. I have 3 other beautiful ones, all gifts from my Mom who keeps an eye out for them at garage and auction sales. Thanks for them, Mom. I DO love them. Thanks, Syl, for the pretty arrangement.

Two steps forward. One step back. That's how it seems to go with this chemo drug. It's best not to anticipate what might or might not be a good or bad day. Just wake up and see what happens. What starts out as a bad day might turn into a good day.

We'll see what today brings. Yesterday was pretty slow. I didn't perk up until after a long, hard afternoon nap and then I felt the best I'd felt all day. We stopped by and saw Rex and Erin and did some catching up. Erin's pink garden looks pretty.

Because of my long nap I didn't get to bed until quite late and then my stomach started complaining. Anyway ... it's morning and I'm tired. Rats. Maybe I'll come alive after toast.


  1. Did you take any pictures of the pink garden? I would love to see it. Crossing my fingers that today will be a good day for you.


  2. Hi Rhonda! You must be back from holidays and registering for dance classes! Let the madness begin!

    I didn't get a photo of the pink garden. I neglected to take my camera with me. Next time. Erin was telling me how awful her garden looks because she's been away so much, but I think it looks very pretty!

    Already I'm feeling a bit better today. A nap will be in order, though. Thanks, Rhonda!

  3. Love the vase. . . In all my years of antique browsing I have never seen these.
    Erin has invited me to see her pink garden but still haven't managed make it over. That's a must do for this week. Or maybe while Dave's away on his bike tour later this week.
    Take care,

  4. Now that you've seen this one, Laurel, I'll bet you see them regularly when you're browsing antiques. Antique places are like that. You could go there every day and see something you would swear wasn't there last time.


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