Friday, November 6, 2009

Busy Day

This is the butcher block island thingie I bought with my splurge club winnings and tonight I host my splurge club where someone else will win. My splurge club pals so kindly offered to bring all the fixin's so I wouldn't have to go to any work, but I already planned a menu and I have the stuff and I'm looking forward to hosting. It will be a busy day. Thanks, Kevin, for sweeping and washing floors last night and for the other cleaning you did, too.

I have a lunch date today with Lou and Dwayne and I need to make a stop at the liquor store because I'm having a drink or two tonight, yes I am!

Unfortunately, I woke up to quite puffy ankles today. DAMN! I had hoped I was making progress in that department. Apparently not really. Today ... compression socks and I'll try to take some time to elevate. Right away, I think ... just to see if it might make a difference before I start getting busy.

Happy Birthday to Erin's Mom who is 90 this week and to her Dad who was 95 last month. And they both still live in their own home and garden and cook and work out and shovel snow. Wonderful!
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