Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Ways of Eating

I've been told that it would be best for me to move toward a mostly vegetarian diet. Prior to that, I had been thinking about using more legumes in our meals and wondering about substituting them for meat in some instances but, with Kevin, it just seemed a little complicated.

Then Lynne brought this book by for me to borrow and it's great. It's published by the Saskatchewan Pulse Crop Development Board. If it's still in print, I'll see if I can get a copy for myself. Not only does it have recipes that look simple and tasty, but indicated in each recipe is the protein equivalents for diabetics. Very helpful. So, I'm excited about trying some recipes. Thanks, Lynne!

In the past couple of days, we've been to the movie theatre twice! Last night it was "Couple's Retreat" (better than I'd expected but then I wasn't expecting it to be very good) and, the night before, "Men Who Stare At Goats" (not an academy award contender but had some very funny moments - the best part of it being the acting of the major Hollywood stars involved who are just that good). We had wanted to see "This is It" but it was sold out. Maybe next week ...

We also got together with Rex and Erin, who we hadn't seen in ages. They've been away almost every weekend.

Ankle Report: Status and forecast the same ... puffy and getting puffier unless I elect to be a horizontal couch potato all day. Harrumph!!

Another chemo side effect I haven't mentioned before but that has been bugging me for some time now is itchy inner ears and dry, flaky ear wax! This is a side effect I haven't read anywhere about but since I've never experienced this before, it can only be cancer treatment related. I guess ear wax consistency has been something I've taken for granted, assuming that we're all the samish in that department. My ear wax has always been soft but now it's very dry and flaky. Maybe that's why my inner ears are so itchy. I wish it would return to normal soon. It's just irritating. If anyone knows how to relieve itchy ears, please let me know. I'm imagining that white, powdery stuff that Dad and Mom would sprinkle in the ears of the cats and dogs. Was that for fleas? I don't have fleas!

I recall reading that some people going through chemo experience tinitus (ringing in the ears) and I have had fleeting moments of that, which I'd never experienced prior to chemo. It wasn't terribly annoying but it would have been had it lingered. But this itchy ear thing and dry, flaky ear wax is quite persistent and bothersome.



  1. Hey Heather,
    I haven't sent comments in your blog for awhile. I have been reading it everyday though and enjoying it. We also went to Couples Retreat a few weeks ago and I laughed so hard I was crying at the part when the yoga teacher was showing them how to do some pretty seductive yoga moves. I can still see him in his speedos and the expressions he had on his face as well as the couples faces. I still laugh about it. Anyway, glad to hear you are getting out a bit, we have to get together soon.
    Love from Patty

  2. Interesting cookbook! I've never quite learned to make use of lentils in my cooking (not that my cooking is terribly adventuresome at the best of times!) But - funny lately I've been thinking about trying them more too. Perhaps you can pass on some of your favorites once you get a chance to try them.
    Was thinking about you today as I spent most of the day at the hospital for some pre-op assessments - just leading up to some 'female' surgery stuff later this month. Hoping everything goes well for you next week on the next stage of this extended game, cause we're all here - and we might as well win.

  3. Hi Patty!

    I also laughed in the movie when they were in the home improvement store ... the little boy ... I won't give it away to anyone else reading this but you know what part I mean.

    Hi Laurel!

    I'll be glad to pass on some recipes if I find some good ones and I'm sure I will. I work with someone who brings some wonderful legumy looking leftovers for lunch some days ... the look and smell so good so I know I'll find something Kevin and I will both like.

    Sorry to hear you have to endure some of the yucky surgical stuff. Maybe we can recuperate together one day when you're done. Just curl up on our respective couches and watch some movies and nap.

    Thanks for thinking of me, everyone! Monday ... radiation ... eeeeek! Still, I'll be glad to get going just so I can get it over with!


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