Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tall and Thin in Our Dreams

See? Tall and thin! Both Kevin and I.

Today was an oddly uncomfortable day. I felt sick to my stomach for most of the day but then had a horrendous series of ripping burps and felt much better! What's with that? I've never had that happen before.

The freezing is out and I'm just taking it easy ... trying not to touch that area or move too much. I spent some time with my feet up. My ankles remain ginormous.

Last night Kevin encouraged me to come out of the house with him. He tempted me with the new Home Sense, which opened while we were away. So we went there, where we were happy to bump into Wanda, Remi and Katie. We had just seen Wanda and Remi at the airport last week. They are EVERYWHERE! It was very cheering to chat with them. We then went to Home Depot to buy light bulbs and then ... our romantic thing ... through the car wash, this time with dark chocolate to nibble on. We do have the life, don't we?! That was my pre-mole surgery outing. We talked to Luke last night, too. All's well with him and his pals! They had a very fun Halloween weekend ... dressed as a gynecologist. Wah??!!! I asked him how that worked for him but I don't think I want to know and I'm glad there are some things he chooses not to tell me.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring. Every day is a new adventure. Cancer isn't for everyone, you know.


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