Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sleepy Hollow

It feels like I accidentally stumbled into Sleepy Hollow and can't get out! Just call me Rip Van Winkle. I could hardly wake myself up to get to my radiation appointment today at 10:10. I got up at the last possible moment, threw myself together and got there just in time, with crumpled bedding impressions still evident on my face and body. I ate an apple on the way and then got home to put on aloe vera gel, get some breakfast, and take a handfull of pills.

I'm sooo sleepy, still.

Mom and Gary stopped in briefly yesterday. They had to hurry back for a meeting, though.

Last night I finished another quilt square and here it is. I'm getting faster as I get used to using my numbed fingers. Of course, speed also means more finger pricks. I haven't drawn blood yet but a couple of times I've actually stitched through the surface skin of my finger and didn't know it until I tried to pull the thread tight and my finger came with it.

Quilt Status: 4 squares done. 16 to go.
Radiation Treatment Status: 9 done. 21 to go. Tender armpit, chest and back.
Ankle Status: Thin enough but probably only because of the lasix
Rider Nation Status: VERY GREEN!!



  1. Sleep is Good! Your body is saying it needs it -so rest... everything else can wait.

    Cindy is here for you, if you need anything.

    "good nap/night"

  2. Hi Heather - just a little comment on "seeking normal". Simply shred the "seeking normal" idea and allow yourself to slowly embrace your "new normal". What is normal anyway? We are actually constantly learning how to become comfortable with our new normals. You are simply being asked to do it a little sooner that you chose as is so often the case. Love - Velma

  3. Hey "CINDY"! Might you stop by and sweep up some cinders for me? You can be "Cindy" and I'll be "Sleeping Baldy". That pretty much defines me today. On the couch all day ... dozing the day away. I tried to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the National Dog Show but slept through most of both.

    Hi Velma!

    I wish my "new normal" wasn't changing daily ... weekly ... monthly. I might have to just adjust to "going with the flow", which is so hard to plan around. The worst part of not knowing what my "normal" is anymore, is not being able to have expectations for myself and being disappointed in failing myself and others who don't understand my currently fluctuating state of normal. That will take some time to wrap my head around.

    Thanks for your sage and caring advise, Velma. It helps to have some footprints to guide me.


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