Sunday, November 8, 2009

Yeah Riders!!

Our pal, Kevin, joined us for dinner and the Rider game. And the game was a goody! YEAH!!

Darrel and Lynn joined us, too. And Otto, of course. Otto being their very cute border collie who thinks he's a lap dog.

Kevin did up some great steak and potatoes on the barbie, Lynn brought a salad, I had a pretty desert and all was well with the world. Warning to everyone ... don't buy the brie with apricot filling at Sobey's. It was awful ... we had to throw it away. And when heated according to the instructions, it became really watery. Ewww!

Today, after we both had a long sleep ... man, we were both tired! ... we're moving about rather slowly, though I did muster the energy to make blueberry pancakes for breakfast this morning. I think we'll go out and run a few errands and then to Don and Syl's for dinner.

The ankle report: Puffy with a chance of more puffiness.

My knees are becoming increasingly sore ... probably from the edema and from the changes to my gait as a result of the edema causing undue and unnatural pressure on parts of my knees. Damn! Just another thing to fix later. My feet and the tips of my fingers are still very numb, too. It hasn't subsided at all. I hear it can take up to a year and, in some cases, it doesn't ever go away. That wouldn't be the end of the world as it's entirely liveable and just requires caution with temperatures and sharp things ... like knives and nail scissors.

By the way, I used real shampoo today!!! Necessary? Probably not, but it felt encouraging and smells pretty.


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