Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Washed ALL of My Hairs Today

I washed these hairs today. They've since dried and I've combed them out so they're ready to make me look human tomorrow. I'm getting better at twisting the scarves I got at my hat and scarf party into turbans! It surprises me that I've been able to coordinate my fingers to manage it, but sometimes I do a pretty good job. Today, for example, I've admired my turban twisting skills several times in the mirror. It's not hair, but it's interesting. I'm sorry to say that I can't remember who gave me this scarf. If someone could refresh my memory, I'd be grateful.

I also washed the little real hairs that are growing on my head. Do you think it will make any difference if I use a volumizing shampoo? It can't hurt. I took a picture of my little hairs growing but they didn't show up on camera as clearly as they appear in real so you'll have to wait to see hair growth until it's a little thicker, I guess.

Interesting that there are no signs of hair yet on my legs, under my arms ... or anywhere else for that matter. No new eyelashes or eyebrow hairs. Why is that I wonder? Why just on my head?

The ear drops have made such a difference! What a relief! The stuff is called Cerumol Ear Wax Remover. It's how I spell relief.

Ankles ... same old. Nothing new, though I wish I could say they were thin ... or, at least, thinner.

I made a lentil and chickpea soup for dinner. It's a recipe from the cookbook Lynne lent me. The recipe was called a "stew" even though it was in the "soup" section. That it turned out to actually be a soup, then, didn't come as a surprise. I wasn't disappointed. It was good and filling.

Kevin and I have never eaten moose before and now, twice in two days, we have. Last night we cooked marinated moose bits on the raclette at Kelly and Chantelle's and today we tried the moose sausage that Gail gave us. Both were good and didn't taste "wild" at all. Very lean. The sausage was so good, it was more like candy ... good in a mustard kind of dip.

Today was a football kind of day. Now we're even watching American football. Yikes! Mom phoned so we're caught up with each other. Kevin got his H1N1 vaccination today. I go next week.


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  1. This scarf is from Patty at my office! Thanks, Patty!


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