Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We're Never Too Old To Be Mothered

So, thanks to all of you for mothering me. Even my own Mom stopped in today to do some mothering. She brought me some food for our freezer, some sweets and a cabbage salad (to get my cruciferous vegetables in). Thanks, Mom! Sadly, my Mom and Gary had to hurry off and weren't able to stay for dinner. They wanted to get on the highway before dark so as to avoid smashing into deer. They'll be back next week.

I had such a nice lunch today with a great big bunch of current and X awful law firm people! I hadn't thought I'd be up for going but, after I got today's radiation treatment under my belt with relative ease, I knew I could do it, which is great because I was so looking forward to it. It was fabulous to see everyone who could make it! I worked with some super marvelous and fun people at that otherwise awful place.

Kevin has developed a nasty cold, which is making things complicated here. Imagine both of us chasing around with antiseptic wipes cleaning everything he touches ... the phone ... the compute mouse ... the remote ... door knobs and handles everywhere ... the backs of chairs ... lamps ... it's hard to remember everything all the time.

My armpit is a little swollen and uncomfortable and I'm a little bit sore in that whole area. I may be right handed but, oddly, I'm left armed. Except for writing and computer mousing, I almost always favour my left hand. I automatically open and close doors with my left hand even when it turns out to be awkward. Now I have to make a conscious effort to switch to my right hand. Using my left arm for heavier doors already makes it hurt more. Good thing I got that hands free sling purse because I typically carry a purse with my right hand or sling it over my right shoulder and then use my left hand for everything else. See how complicated things get? ROFL!!

Kevin and I have rented a couple of movies and will stay put for the evening. Hopefully he's feeling better soon!

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