Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yummy Food Day

Today Kevin and I finally got ourselves some Roughrider wear. Until now on game days I've only ever worn the one non-descript green t-shirt I have. While in the store we ran into Rhonda and her family doing exactly the same thing. What a busy store that is!

We stopped at the drug store and consulted with a pharmacist who recommended some oily drops for my ears. One treatment later and they feel less itchy already. YEAH!!

Tonight we went to Kelly and Chantelle's for dinner. I wish I'd remembered to get out my camera for the main course, which was served a la raclette. I'd never racletted (I'm sure that's not a word) before, but it was fun and delish!

Chantelle made a desert and then, just in case it bombed, she had a back-up desert ready ... so we ate them both. They were both fabulous, but since I'm more of a chocolate fan than a caramel fan, the chocolate, fruit and cream crepes were my favourite ... BIG TIME! They were sooooo good! See how pretty the deserts were. The presentation was wonderful. Don't the apples and hot dipping caramel look pretty?

Chantelle also made very pretty drinks.

This is Chantelle and Barb in the kitchen. Chantelle isn't usually this pale ... my flash did a number on her! Other dinner party guests were Roger and Val. It was such a good time and so delicious! Thanks, Chantelle and Kelly!


  1. Hi Heather and Kevin, it was truly a pleasure to have you over for dinner last night. It was so good to see you. The pictures look great, the desserts look better than I thought!! I am glad you enjoyed them. We will have to do it again soon. Thanks again for coming, all the best tomorrow!! Take care, Chantelle and Kelly

  2. Hi Chantelle and Kelly! I'm still savouring. Chocolate crepes filled my dreams, which is so much better than creepy lawyers! SO MUCH!! Thanks, again.


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