Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I didn't Earn Any Wisdom, Weapons, or Gold ... yet.

I'm just home from my radiation treatment. I didn't see my radiation oncologist after all. Apparently, I have not earned any additional superior wisdom, weapons or gold. Maybe next week.

I got home as quickly as possible and applied aloe vera lotion as far as I can reach. I'll get Kevin to apply it on my back (where the radiation beams exit my body) as soon as he gets hom. I can feel the sunburn effect today. I felt it almost immediately. My throat is also slightly sore, which is to be expected eventually because of the radiation near the throat (where some lymph nodes are).

I really have found the trick (for me) for zoning out during radiation treatments. As long as the music is turned up loudly, I go on a complete mental vacation. In fact, it almost startles me when the technologists come back into the room and tell me I can relax my arms.

I also feel suddenly very tired.

7 treatments done. 23 to go!


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  2. Hi Heather,
    You realize you are almost 1/3 done! Glad you have found an enjoyable distraction.
    What are your plans for Grey Cup, assuming you feel well? I have some female surgery tomorrow; so, while I fully plan to be watching the game, I except I'll be moving alittle slowly over the weekend. So if your day isn't yet booked up yet, perhaps fans might like to come by here.

  3. Hi Laurel!

    My grey cup plans have been up in the air and mostly dependent upon how I feel. I think curling up in a green blankie with you would be a GREAT way to watch the game, since we're both going to be watching it one way or another.

    Good luck with your surgery tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you while I'm singing away my radiation treatment.

  4. Hey little Lady!
    Chin up and remember your my hero! So just remember you can do it & if need be I'll come over and give you big hugs and let you know that you are very important and yes this is shitty and not fun but I would trade you places if I could! love you and hugs to Kevin too! Peggy


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