Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Patience is a Virtue I Need to Practice

Yesterday I quite literally spent the whole day on the couch with my feet elevated. ... napping off and on. I was a little unsure as to whether that was the best approach or whether I should soldier on and keep moving. As it turns out, I think I made the right decision to stay put. My ankles stayed relatively smallish and today my ankles and knees aren't very sore and last night and today I have no problems walking (what little I've done). Two nights ago I could hardly walk to get myself to bed, they hurt so much and my legs felt so weary and sore.

I feel much better today. I will again spend a lot of time with my feet up but I'll also work in a little more activity ... slowly ... patiently ... monitoring my ankles and heeding them. Yesterday looked so nice outside, I really wanted to get out there. Today also looks beautiful and I WILL get out there if only for a little while.

Patience is also needed for hair. Two nights ago I woke up in the morning after having dreamed about having short curly hair. In my dream, I found myself among a crowd of people and I had just removed my hat and found I had a fairly nice cap of curls on my head. Upon closer observation, there were some very thin spots here and there and I felt slightly self-conscious but ultimately decided to wear my thin curls with confidence. Patience. Hair will come. Hair is coming ... slowly ... slowly ... slowly.

I have appointments this Friday to get my stitches out and then to finalize my radiation treatment plan and to get some final mark-ups, whatever that means. I will start radiation treatments next Monday. On Monday I also have a bone density test. Busy ... busy ... busy ... patience ... patience ... patience.

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