Monday, November 16, 2009

First Radiation Treatment Done. Twenty-Nine to Go!

I had my bone scan this morning and my first radiation treatment this afternoon.

This isn't me and my "galaxy" machine, but this is similar. The radiation technologists and staff are so very nice, which helps. I lie down, clutch the handles that are over my head and rest my elbows on the supports. They line me up ... draw a few markings on me and again, marvel at how quick it is to get me lined up. The radiology technician said I must have been very relaxed at all of my measuring appointments because I line up exactly the same each time. Once they're satisfied with my positioning, I'm left alone in the big room (I think it would be great if they decorated it more like the Galaxy Theatre. If you're going to feel like you're in a star wars type torture chamber, it might as well look like one, too). Once I'm alone in the room, the machine starts whirring and moving about. It gets much closer than it shows in this picture. I see red lights shining here and there (I'm a little nervous when they're shining on my nose) and, in about 10 minutes, it's all over. I didn't feel a thing. Not even a tingle ... not yet. Of course, that didn't stop me from crying like a baby when I walked into the room. Yikes! I wasn't afraid and I knew it wouldn't hurt and I wasn't particularly nervous so the tears could only be from the sadness of starting a whole new medical procedure that I'll have to recover from. I cried through the whole treatment, trying very hard not to sob so my chest wouldn't heave. Once you're lined up, you have to stay very still. My tears tickled my face as they ran down to my ears and neck, but I couldn't lift a hand to wipe them away or to scratch, so good thing it didn't last very long. I was very disciplined except for the crying part. Wuss. I'm sure it will only have been the first treatment that I cry at. I did the same thing with chemo.

Note that parking at the hospital is HELL!! And they now have greeters when you walk into the building who make sure everyone gets some hand sanitizer before they go any further. I saw several people with masks on and I did my best to sit as far as possible from any other people. I was only in the main part of the hospital for the bone scan. From now on I'll go directly to the Champion Centre and will be able to avoid the main part of the hospital altogether.

One down. Twenty-nine to go.

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