Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quilting Progress

Last night I finished a second quilt square. Each handkerchief is different. After they're all appliqued, I'll play with them and try to decide how best to design them into a quilt, working with a variety of coordinating fabrics that I have. I'm open to suggestions. If, when the time comes, anyone wants to come and play "quilt design planning" with me, by all means DO!

Last night I started feeling very mild effects of the radiation again. Just a little "heat". I applied lotion.

My ankles were puffier by the end of the day. This reminds me that they're being mostly thin is probably only because of the lasix and not because the edema has really gone away. It reminds me to expect the puffiness to increase when the lasix is finished at the end of this week. Maybe my doctor will prescribe more.

Today's radiation appointment is at 2:00. I also see my radiation oncologist today. I don't have anything to ask him. Maybe he will reveal some insight that's been withheld until now. Maybe it's like playing World of Warcraft or some other mysterious game where you only get clues after you reach a certain level. I'll wait with anticipation and hope for new wisdom or a new magic weapon ... an elixir ... or an invisibility cloak ... or lots of gold.

Otherwise I feel okay today. Not great ... just okay. I slept better and longer. Getting lots of sleep is good. Maybe early morning radiation treatments aren't best for me. Yesterday, I generally felt BLAH all day. I never really got to good and I attributed it to being tired and the earlier upset stomach. Today I've been up for over an hour and I don't feel much perkier. I'll start moving around and see if that helps. I see the sun now peeking out. Maybe that will help.

Kevin is feeling much better and is back at work. In the past he rarely missed work when he had a cold ... he just kept going to the office and working through it. This time he stayed home. Mostly, I think, because one now becomes a pariah when one goes to work sick. I think he recovered much more quickly than he has in the past and I think it's because he stayed home and got lots of sleep. I think he learned something.

I had a nice chat with Hannah yesterday. That's always good for making me smile. It was another crazy rainy day there and she was off to make cookies with some friends. A perfect rainy day activity.

Today: 7 radiation treatments DONE. 23 to GO!


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