Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hallowe'en in Vancouver! SO FUN!

Yesterday morning, Kevin and I met Hannah and two of her friends, Shaunee and Jared, for breakfast at Nice Cafe. Here's Hannah and her friends outside the restaurant. Which of these three is in costume? Well, how would you know, right? I can tell you that Jared would be mortified if someone thought this was his "real look".

It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday in Vancouver and Halloween costumes were EVERYWHERE! It was so fun to see. Maybe because so many people walk or use public transit and aren't all tucked away in vehicles, you really get to see a lot of costumes. There were some great ones, too. I wish I'd been able to take pictures of all the wonderful ones we saw.

Last night we went for dinner with another bunch of Hannah's friends ... Ado, Josh and Nina ... and then went to the Orpheum theatre to see Nosferatu, which was SO FUN!! Hannah is wearing a tuxedo that is over 100 years old, which is why it has faded to a greenish colour. My Mom only had to tailor and fix the jacket a bit, though it took her a lot of time to do. The rest fit Hannah perfectly. Mom even remembers the name of the man who wore this tux on his wedding day. Her friend, Jill, is with her in the photo above. She hadn't had time to costume up. She only recently returned from Iceland with a few of Hannah's other friends. Surely I don't have to tell you who Hannah is costumed as. And, no, it's not Hitler!

What an environment the Orpheum theatre is! The theatre is amazing inside. Grand architecture. Ornate staircases going in all directions, almost like the Escher drawing ... and they all meet on the main floor. Kevin even saw someone he knew there - Kelly Homenick and his girlfriend! Kelly was dressed up as a nerd, Kevin didn't think he was dressed up at all except that he had a 7-Up button on of which his dad would have been proud! After the show, it was especially cool to stand in the lobby and watch everyone slowly coming down the many staircases in their costumes. It really let us see admire all of the costumes and they were fabulous! The film was funnier than I had expected, mostly because of the "silent film" level of expression and the orchestra was splendid. Then everyone spilled out into the street and it was an opportunity to enjoy MORE costumes. This Van Gogh and Painting costume was an award winner.

We made our way to a bar across the street from Hannah's apartment. I only stayed for a short while before walking the block to our hotel. On the way home, I saw a bunch of serious bikers all biking together dressed up in costumes. Cool! I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Kevin was smitten with this bike we saw outside of Nice Cafe. Very cool!


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