Thursday, November 5, 2009

Could It Be? I'm Feeling Better?

I think it's true! I think I feel better as the days pass. Again this morning my ankles are near normal. Last night they were puffy but not as puffy as they had been. The rest of me feels better when the edema is reduced.

My side is tender where the mole was removed and where that unidentified pain is. I've doubled my dose of acyclovir just in case it is shingles I'm battling. Acyclovir won't necessarily stop shingles from developing but, taken in advance, it might significantly minimize it.

Last night I slept well ... discomfort wasn't a problem. Still, though, I woke up too early feeling hungry so I got up and had breakfast at 6:00 and read for a while before falling back to sleep on the sofa.

Last night ... another night at the car wash! My car, which doesn't get so much action, was filthy after having just sat on the street since before we left for Vancouver.

Today I'm dedicating myself to giving this house a little spit and polish. It's looking a little murky.

This is a more complete view of the Monkey Puzzle tree. It's it strange?!



  1. So glad you are on the upswing again. What a long haul. . . as you say cancer isn't for everyone.
    Is the radiation likely to affect you as harshly? I guess I'm assuming no, although I'm sure it still leaves you with some unwelcome effects.
    Sounds like a lovely time in Vancouver. Love those monkey trees. We saw one this summer in Victoria walking along the inner harbour; I don't think I had ever seen one before.
    Still enjoy hearing about your 'dates' with Kevin, especially the car washes. I love the Co-op ones which pull you through. . . I find them very relazing myself; I call them as my 5 minute car spas!!
    Hope your energy lasted long enough to shine your house. Somehow I'm not doing very well in that catagory, and I have no excuses - well except for my poopies - oh I mean puppies.
    Stop by any time you're feeling up to it.

  2. You haven't said anything lately about your appetite being a challenge to you, so I am assuming your taste buds are working up to par again. THAT is is your favour, as you had been quite unhappy about being unable to taste anything not too long ago. And you do mention being hungry.... I hope I'm right for you. Isn't it lovely to have a special place for your own married couple dates.


  3. Hi Laurel!

    Kevin undertook the more physical housework. He washed the floors! I deal with the diddly cluttery stuff. We each have our specialty. Let me know if you need Kevin to come over and wash your floors, too. I'm sure he'd be thrilled!

    I think I'll be starting radiation around Nov 16, though I don't have an exact date yet. I don't expect radiation to be as grueling. It just can't be. I hear varying reports about it. Some people sail through it with relative ease. Most of the complaints I hear about are extreme fatigue. Towards the end of the series I expect my skin will be pretty tender. You know me ... I'll be keeping you all posted.

    I expect to be feeling stellar ... yes, STELLAR ... next week before I start radiation, so expect me to stop by for a visit. I would like to get out and do some walking and keep my body moving. I look forward to seeing you ... and all the pups! We still don't have one but today we heard that one might be available in January or February. That's both exciting and scary news!

  4. Hi Cheryl!

    Yes! My tastebuds have, in fact, returned to normal. Even while I was in Vancouver they were still a little off, but by the time we came home I felt they were fully recovered. Everything is tasting normal these days. YEAH!

    I would like to say that Tuscany is Kevin's and my "special place", but as it happens, it seems to be the car wash. Small pleasures! I guess neither of us is very high maintenance after all!


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