Saturday, November 21, 2009

Some Things Suck!

Such as this plecostomus! Sorry for the flash in the photo. This one turned out better than the photo taken without flash. He's about a foot long and lives in a tank in our basement.

By supper time last night, I was feeling the effects of things. In fact, it felt like I was in about the third day of recovery from a back alley rumble ... or at least how I imagine that could feel! It felt like someone or a gang had three days prior kicked me in the armpit and breast, stomped on the tender skin between my shoulder and elbow, punched me in the right shoulder, poked me in the eye and then gave me a swift elbow in the top of the head. And I was very tired and shivery cold. So I took some tylenol, fought fatigue for a while and curled up under a blanket to watch "Twilight" (the movie). Then I slept like a log. This meant that, regrettably, I missed my splurge club party! RATS!! But, I thought it best.

I feel pretty much the same this morning but, after a good night's sleep, am a little tougher for dealing with the collective discomforts. It's not that any one of them is really awful, it's just that when I'm feeling tired, it seems like more than it is.

Last night Kevin ran out and got us Kentucky Fried for dinner. We haven't had KFC since we took Luke to Kentucky two summers ago. Kevin had been thinking about my Dad and when he thinks of my Dad, naturally he thinks of KFC! Kevin remembers early in our relationship when my parents came to town and Mom and Dad come to my place with a BUCKET OF KFC!! He was awed!! He said their family NEVER got a bucket. They only ever got individual boxes. I remember one day when we were first married Kevin came home with a bucket just for the two of us, just because he wanted SO BADLY to buy a WHOLE BUCKET!! We ate KFC for days! Anyway, homage to my Dad yesterday was a chat with Mom in the morning and KFC for dinner (though not a bucket ... this time the 11 secret spices was enough).


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  1. We missed you at splurge too - of course - but totally understand. Hopefully you can make our next one. Looking forward to getting together soon. Cheers! Bonnie.


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