Friday, November 20, 2009

My Knight in Angel Armour

This knight stands in our living room. Kevin found him at a garage sale years ago. Last year I was looking for a place to put Hannah's angel wings and decided to hang them on the knight and there they've stayed. I kind of like the effect. Luke's lacrosse team is the Bellarmine Knights, so this represents Luke as my knight and Hannah as my angel. It makes me smile.

Last night I slept for almost 11 hours! I must have been tired! I had my H1N1 vaccination today and, a little later, my radiation treatment. They cranked the music for me, making the experience more enjoyable. And everyone was in their Rider gear, except for one brave ... or stupid ... Calgary fan dressed in red (and proud of it). Yikes! I'm glad to have a couple days free of radiation treatments though, if I had a choice, I'd plough throw them and be done BEFORE Christmas.

I'm increasingly sore under my arm. It's more mildly sore than tender now but still easy to tolerate. And my vaccination arm is not yet sore, though I expect it will be. It seems to be the way it works. That should pass by Monday when I have next radiation treatment. I'm in good spirits about everything, so that helps. I'm over my short-lived despair and I hope it stays banished.

Kevin is feeling slightly better today. Yeah!

Radiation Countdown: 5 done - 25 to go!
Ankle Report: Today is the slimmest they've been for months!

Happy Birthday, Dad. I miss you.



  1. Love the knighted angel. I don't think I have ever seen it in any of our visits. . . Where do you keep him?
    So glad you're spirits are up again. And how is Kevin doing? It's so easy for us to 'say hang in there'. . . but undoubtedly such a long haul. As you say - cancer isn't for everyone - and you are battling with such grace. Keep up the great spirit.

  2. Oops - I guess I missed the last bit of your post. . . Glad you AND Kevin are doing better!!

  3. I love your knight in angel armour! It is absolutely perfect. Glad to hear the ankles are slim and the weather is nice enough, you should show them off. Get out your capris and celebrate!! Thank goodness Kevin is over the worst of his cold - even though we've had above average November weather, I think it would be a chilly sleep if you had to quarantine him to the garage (which is what I've told the girls is where they will be sleeping if they get the H1N1 - LOL)! Heather, I know your dad is watching over you and cheering you on as you travel cancer's rough road. Take care and cheer hard on Sunday. Can't wait to see you model your new Rider gear!


  4. Hey Laurel! I can't believe you missed seeing our knight, though we almost always sit in the family room instead of the living room! So, as you guessed, it's in the living room. Check it out next time you're here. Thanks, Laurel, for your caring wishes. I'm trying to be tough for this last stretch. Not much longer ... soon ... soon ... DONE!!

    Hey Rhonda! I posted my Rider gear photo on my blog. Your turn! Thanks so much for remembering my Dad and for your encouraging words. Even though it's been pretty nice out (relatively), I think I'll pass on the capris and just keep my slender ankles covered. I lift my pant leg every now and then to check on them and/or admire them. It's SOOO good to not be puffed up all over. I hope it lasts after I finish the lasix.


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