Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quilts and Game Day

I'm so happy to say that I feel good today! Dare I even say I feel GREAT? Well, maybe I have a ways to go to get to GREAT, but really, I do feel very good.

Truthfully, I feel VERY little discomfort under my left arm today. Maybe the 2 day break from radiation treatments makes the difference. Whatever it is, I'm both surprised and happy!! I'm also less nervous about heading into week 2 of radiation.

My vaccination arm is only slightly tender. No big deal. No pain on the top of my head ... my eye, just a little. And my ankles ... pretty near normal!! I still walk like someone who is on the verge of needing a walker (only when I first stand up and start moving), but hopefully that, too, will change for the better.

What a difference!

I've been looking forward to the football game all week and am so glad to feel good on game day. I SO want the Riders to win and get to the Grey Cup game ... mostly for my own selfish reasons.

Last night I got out my quilting project and started working on it again. I had put it away when my feet and fingers became numb. They're still as numb as they've ever been and I know there's a chance they always will be so I decided I'd better figure out how to work with them as they are. And so I did. I finished the hand applique on the square I had started earlier. That's it in its completed state above. I stitched along the inner square and then stitched the lacy perimeter. I'll start another square tonight or tomorrow.

I got myself a needle threader, which makes things a lot easier. I see that Lee Valley has one in their Christmas catalogue, though it looks quite different than this one that I got at the quilt shop. While sometimes it takes me a few tries to get it to thread the needle, it's still easier than before.

I really notice that my eyesight has gone further downhill since I started cancer treatments. After this is all over, I expect my optometrist will be recommending glasses at last. I've always thought that librarians SHOULD have glasses, if only for fun!




  1. Glad you are having a good day today - especially to enjoy that Rider game. . .
    Yes - Go Riders - What can be selfish about that!! And I note your needle threader is green, that's gotten be good too!
    I remember your lacey quilt project from some visit. That is going to be beautiful.
    Have a great day. And hopefully your skin will develop tolerance as you go, so the tender spots don't reappear when you start-up again.

  2. Green IS the colour! Funny how I notice it everywhere now ... on buses, on the banners that line college drive ... it seems like everything should be tinged with green.


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