Thursday, November 19, 2009

Music Helps!

Kevin has SUCH a nasty cold! I'm trying so hard to avoid it.

Kevin drove me to my radiation appointment today and just waited for me in the car outside the Champion Centre. Not having to park takes the hassle out of radiation treatments. Today's treatment was special in that during the session, the music was quite loud ... and it was good. I didn't know the song playing but I liked it. When the technicians came back into the room they immediately commented that the music was loud so I let them know how much I liked it. In fact, louder would have been better. They said they would try to remember or that I should ask them to turn it up if they forget. Loud music distracts me from the whirring and buzzing of the machines and besides, I like loud music any way. I came out of today's treatment smiling and dancing.

These are the lotions I use every day to care for my skin. I use the aloe vera gel immediately after each treatment and whenever I feel a burning sensation. I use the other lotion after baths and before bed. Hopefully, they'll help my skin handle these treatments.

I booked my H1N1 vaccination for tomorrow at 1:45. They provide them at the Champion Centre for cancer patients. I thought it would be best to get it on a Friday so I won't have to worry about any particular discomfort in my arm during treatment because you have to lift your arm over your head. Hopefully, I won't feel any flu symptoms either. I want to be ship-shape for the Rider game on Sunday.

Tomorrow's radiation treatment is at 3:00. I prefer mornings but I take what they give me knowing that they try to book me for mornings when they can.

Radiation Report: 4 treatments done - 26 to go!

Ankle Report: Again, slimmer. Another pound lost.

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