Monday, November 9, 2009

A Much Needed Quiet Day Today

It doesn't take much to wear me out, so it seems. I'm exhausted from doing only a little this weekend. No regrets, though. Today needs to be a very quiet, inactive day.

I'm also getting some new discomforts from, I think, the Arimidex ... the drug I take for the next 5 years that, as a side effect, produces menopausal symptoms. For the past two nights, I've had "night sweats". I wake up in the night with my chest sopping wet! ICK!! I also toss and turn a lot. The blankets are a jumbled mess on the bed, which is quite a change for someone who previously barely even moved during the night. I also find that I sometimes I get a suddenly very hot head during the day. The inclination is to rip my wig or hat off, which I can easily do (and I do) when I'm home alone but this isn't an option I'm comfortable with when I'm out or if I have company.

I didn't sleep well last night for the above reasons and I also found that my side hurt in the night no matter what position I was in ... much like the night after I had my mole removed. There was a bit of pinkishness around the stitches last night so Kevin put some polysporin and a bandage on it. I suspect I'll nap on the couch today.

The ankle report: They were looking good when I got up an hour ago but already they're quite puffy. The outlook is for less puffiness as the day progresses as I will be elevating those feet while napping on the couch! The cushions above are where my feet will be perched. It looks high but there are feather pillows so they smush down a lot!

Thanks for dinner last night, Don and Syl! It was nice to see you and your renovations.

We're thinking of Susan and wishing her a speedy recovery. Golf and tennis can wait until spring!

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