Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bangs, Arms, and Skin Tags

I know it's not Saturday, but I just had to show off my bangs! I hadn't really noticed them until I got a little toasty this morning and I just tipped my toquie-thing that I sleep in back a bit. Then I happened to catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and ... WOW! ... I HAVE BANGS!! They make me happy. I still have a very wide expanse of forehead, but hopefully that will shorten soon.

Yesterday. Another day of cautious use of my arms. My right shoulder is quite sore and certain movements, which are often hard to avoid, make it much worse. I think this joint/bone side effect from the Arimidex has brought previously healed injuries back to life. My once, twice, thrice injured nose doesn't hurt, though. Bonus!

My left underarm feels a little more swollen again today after feeling slightly better yesterday. I'll spend some time today with it raised over my head and see if that helps. I hope it's just some overuse that can easily be corrected and not the start of lymphodema. I'm going to believe it just needs some rest.

My skin tags have not fallen off yet! Damn! They've mostly turned black and they look like little mini leaches attached to my neck! Attractive? NOT!! They have a couple of more days to fall off or I'll be back to the Doctor's office.

Yesterday was another snow day for me, though Kevin shoveled out my car last night so I can get out today. I cleaned bathrooms ... did the hands and knees kind of floor washing (quite a feat!) ... read ... rifled through new information on breast cancer research ... didn't quilt (have to get back to that) ... ignored Christmas boxes ... again. Then, in the evening, Laura and Blair picked me up and we went to the field house where Laura and I walked the track for almost 4 km. The time passes so quickly when talking with a friend! I loved spending some time with Laura and catching up on what's going on with her and her family. And it's good to be walking. I hope that isn't why my arm is a little swollen today.

I talked with Mom last night. She's doing great and will soon be on a hot beach somewhere far, far away with Darrel and Lynn and some others. That means Otto will be coming here tomorrow to live with us for a couple of weeks! How exciting!! A REAL dog ... living here with us. Otto will be SO loved! Not that he isn't already, of course!

My thoughts are with Auntie Elsie today. Kevin and I will share a KitKat later in her memory.

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