Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bye Bye Baby!

Today we take our baby to the airport and send him back to Kentucky! *sigh* It's both sad and exciting. Sad for the obvious reasons and exciting because when he gets back to school, their lacrosse season starts. I love the game and am excited for Luke to be playing and very excited about our plans to go there in March or April to see Luke, his pals and some games.

Last night we took Luke to John's for a nice dinner. Just the three of us. It was very nice. There were lots of hockey people at the restaurant, too. Some foreign languages we didn't know.

When we got home, Ron and Patty came by bearing beers with which to toast a new year and a new beginning. Their son, Matty, left yesterday for Winkler, Manitoba where he'll rejoin the hockey team he played with last year. Patty, Ron, Kevin and I gathered in the living room as kids steadily arrived through both the back and front doors for Luke and Arden's farewell party. Grace was here, too, and it was good to see her before she leaves on a traveling adventure. And Sloane. Always nice to see Sloane. And all the boys. It was another crazy night at the Acton house. I just love all 'dem boys and girls! I didn't get my camera out for the tradiational tequila shots photo so here is a much more serene photo of a beautiful and interesting flower in the bouquet I got from Lori. Eventually, we adults moved to the kitchen to hang with the kids for a while and we had a great time. I'm going to miss having all these kids around after Luke is gone. I met a girl last night who I hadn't seen since she played on Luke's novice hockey team! I wouldn't have recognized her, of course.

I think my radiation burns are healing nicely, peeling just being part of the process. It isn't getting more uncomfortable. It will be a while before I'm ready for a bra yet, though. Now to help Luke pack.
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  1. We bbq'd salmon with the kids and our friends, then left for the high school to watch Liam play in the alumni basketball game. I enjoyed every second of it.

    It was great to see parents of other bball boys and of course the other boys that were in your life for all those years .. you lose touch until the center of the atom - your kid - comes home again and they're all back again.

    Later they came and went as the last minute packing began, and yes, I got to help :)

    Such a cool life our boys and girls have .. we are privy to some very special moments right now.

    Still hurts when they leave, at least I dont cry at the airport anymore.

  2. I so hear you, Karen! I'd forgotten that Liam is a basketball star, too! That would be fun to see him play again in an alumni game! Fun stuff. And yes, the parents are part of what we miss, too. In fact, last year we had to have a hockey parent party just because we missed seeing those people at the rink every week in the winter. We need to have another one, in fact. We still miss them!

    I still blubber at the airport. I've always been a blubberer whether my kids are arriving or leaving. The first time Luke left on a flight for Kentucky he looked pretty alarmed when I started crying because it's not something I do much of otherwise ... unless a movie or an ad on tv gets to me ... but I think he's used to it by now. So is Hannah. No biggie. It's just what I do and there's no way around it.

    This time, when he left, Luke told me I should get a dog. I think he's right.


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