Thursday, January 28, 2010

Would You Like A Little Cheese With That Whine?

Today I just felt worse and worse as the day progressed. By tonight, though, my arm doesn't feel swollen ... at least not very much. Doing nothing all day might have been a good idea. That's not true. I did do something. I oiled our butcher block. So there.

I went out for a little while since Kevin had so kindly dug my car out, but I wasn't out for long. I just didn't feel up to it so I came home. The things I was going to do can wait until tomorrow when I go out in the afternoon for my dental appointment. Those skin tags were hurting today and my jacket bothered them. One of them finally fell off, though, and I'm happy about that. I hope the rest are close behind. There's a bit of redness around each one of them now so that's probably why they hurt. With my white blood cell counts and neutrophils still below normal, perhaps I infect more easily than I would otherwise.

I also had a couple of nasty jaw aches today. One is just subsiding now. It came on so quickly, I wasn't able to catch it with tylenol so I was pretty miserable for about half an hour before the tylenol took hold.

I felt chilled all day and have had two hot baths by now. I'll soon be crawling into bed to read for a while. Hopefully I'll sleep better tonight. Last night my skin tags bothered me and I didn't sleep well.

The untouched Tamoxifen sitting in my cupboard is weighing on my mind. I had hoped that the Arimidex side effects would be gone by now but who knows how long they'll last? I'm just believing they WILL be gone and won't be permanent. I had hoped to start the Tamoxifen while not dealing with side effects from other things but I think I'll just have to start it, ready or not. I'm also a little nervous about starting it after my Arimidex experience. And I must say, I haven't missed those hot flashes. I think it's a given that they'll start again once I'm on Tamoxifen. Hot flashes or cancer? Hmmmm ... I think I'll pick hot flashes! I think I'll start the Tamoxifen next Monday.
February 1.

Well, I really have a list of gripes today, don't I?! I'm done whining now! I expect things will be better tomorrow after a good, long sleep!


  1. Gripe away! You deserve it! I'm hoping today will be a better day for you and that the dentist can bring you some relief.

  2. Maybe it was just a bad day all around. I too was 'off', and I didn't have any good excuses! Missed two appointments, forgot to start the slow cooker until about 2:00 so supper was alittle late; and had little energy or ambition otherwise.
    Hoping today's a better day for you (and me)!

  3. I hope that was a singularly bad day for you, Laurel and that they've been much better since! Walking will help us both. I'm sure of it!


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