Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Luke's Lacrosse Coach - Big Cancer Challenge

This is Luke's coach at Bellarmine University. His name is Jack McGetrick.

Last year Coach McGetrick told the team that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer that had spread to his bones. Not good. But Luke says the man is a machine and in such incredible good shape. He works out every day and has continued to do so since his diagnosis despite pain.

Last week when the boys got back to school after Christmas ... at the start of their lacrosse season ... the whole team shaved their heads in support of their coach, who has only recently lost his hair (and signature mustache).

Yesterday I saw an article about how the college lacrosse community is rallying around Jack to help support him through this cancer battle of his. Here's the article if you're interested. Apparently his first chemo treatments didn't help and now he's undergoing a new chemo treatment regimen that isn't covered by his insurance and which costs $1500 per treatment out of pocket. It must be horrible to worry about medical costs while going through such a health crisis. Actually, I'm shocked to know that his costs aren't covered by his medical insurance! I know Jack and his wife have 2 sons of college age and they might have 2 daughters, too. I sure hope he's able to win his battle. If sheer toughness has anything to do with it, he's a sure winner. I hope the fundraising efforts are successful.

Checks of any denomination can be sent to:

Jack McGetrick Fund
PO Box 644 Foresdale Mass 02644

Here are more articles (these ones from Inside Lacrosse) about Jack. Former Players Share Their Thoughts on Coach Jack McGetrick's Effect on their Lives and Coming Together: The Lacrosse Community Shows Its True Colors In Support of Bellarmine's Jack McGetrick.


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