Saturday, January 30, 2010

My So Called Life

This is how we know that Otto has been playing Goldilocks while we're out of the house. It's also evidence of the fact that Otto is a male since he has no tolerance for cushions on the sofas! The cushions from the love seat were on the floor last night when we got home from dinner. During the night Otto had tossed the cushions off of the hide-a-bed sofa across from the one pictured here. I wonder when he'll decide which one is juuuuust right? Then I'll put a blankie on that one for him.

Yesterday I saw my dentist. She said the part of my tooth that broke off was pretty fragile in the first place there being a large filling in that tooth already. It needs to be crowned but in the meantime, she filed it smooth and put some sealer over the exposed nerve that may have been the cause of the radiating pain I've been experiencing. Other than that, what I describe ... the clicking and the pain ... sounds to her like I grind or clench my teeth in my sleep. Apparently, my teeth don't look like they've been ground so she suspects I've been clenching, which is possible. I do catch myself clenching sometimes when I'm awake and make conscious efforts to relax my jaw when I notice it. I'm having a mouth guard made that I can wear at night and hopefully that will help. She feels that the radiation in particular will have been hard on my teeth and jaw bones and that the drugs will probably also have had an impact.

I bought new hair yesterday while I was out and about! I looked at the place in Grosvenor (Lots of Looks) since that's where my dentist is, too, but I didn't see anything that looked like me. So I stopped downtown and picked up the one I'd already set my sights on at the Bay. It's quite dark ... more like my real hair (well, except for the greys) and less straight. Most of the wigs I've seen are either perm-curly or quite straight and this one is a more "textured" and messy looking. More like me than the others I've looked at. Now that I'm not so pale and have brows and eyelashes again, I can better wear dark hair again. I also felt I needed something to go back to work with. My other wigs are past their best before dates and are looking quite dull and a bit ratty where they rub on my collar. And I'm not quite ready for going au naturel, as Berny puts it. So I have a work wig. And a nice change. I was getting pretty sick of my wig. Keep in mind that it might sound great to have hair that doesn't change ... doesn't grow ... doesn't need colouring ... looks just the same every day. It's not all it's cracked up to be. A change can be very welcome. I'll remind myself of that when I start having for real "bad hair days" again.

Last night Kevin and I went out for dinner with Kelly and Chantelle. We first met at Las Palapos but were told it would be an hour wait so we decided to check out Bliss on Broadway and 9th. I was the only one who had ever been there and it had only been for lunch, which was very nice. It was a bit alarming when we got there to see that there was only one other table occupied ... on a Friday night ... in Saskatoon! That alone makes one suspicious. Though more people came later the restaurant only reached half capacity on the main floor and I suspect they wouldn't put people upstairs until the more visible downstairs was filled. Anyway, we stayed and had a very tasty meal. It was very good, in fact. The only problem is that there was so little of it. The portions are mighty small. Even for me they were small. Kevin and Kelly probably needed a snack when they got home. And at the price, it's no surprise to me that there are a lot of empty tables. With portions that small, you really do need to order an appetizer and a separate soup or salad and we were still so hungry, we had desert and that's not something that happens very often. All of those extra dishes on top of pricey main dishes makes for a very costly meal, even if it is very good. There are other places in Saskatoon where you can get wonderful taste experiences with more quantity and less overall cost. So I'll diss Bliss for their management but commend them for their menu, deliciousness and artistry. The flavours in our main course and the soup Kevin ordered were quite fabulous. Everything is made from scratch! The homemade crackers they bring with hummus and bread before the meal are really yummy, too. Kudos to the chefs but I would suggest they add at least a hearty side serving of vegetables to their main courses. I don't regret going and I really enjoyed my meal but I don't see myself choosing to go there again despite the deliciousness factor. Of course, the best part of the meal was the good company. At one point Chantelle and I were laughing so hard at our silly men that my ribs actually hurt. Happy Birthday, Kelly!

We came home to disheveled sofas and Otto, who was evidently happy to see us! Otto was even in bed with us for a little while this morning.

This morning I slept late ... until 10:00 ... and then Carol picked me up and we met Pat at Grainfields for breakfast. I love breakfast ... eggs benedict ... yummmm. We always have such a hoot together. Carol and I had a little incident on the way there precipitated, I believe, by the fact that I usually have breakfast as soon as I wake up and I didn't this morning because we were GOING for breakfast. So I got up and had half an hour to get ready, which is easy enough to do when you can just slap a wig on your head. I did have my pomegranate juice and pills before Carol got here, though. As I was watching for her at the window, my stomach felt a little icky. Just after we pulled on to 8th street I said to Carol (to the memorable strains of Air Supply's "I'm All Out Of Love"), "I think I'm going to throw up ... you might want to get into the right lane". So she pulls over, I open the door to get some air and then ... yes ... I lose it. Ewwww! Carol said I should have taken a picture for the blog. NOT!! It looked like a pile of pills in a puddle of wine ... in the snow. I should have kicked snow over it, at least. I wish I had. Anyway ... I was fine after that and I ate a hearty breakfast and had many laughs with Pat and Carol. I'm perfectly fine, though it's a lesson to me to remember to have SOMETHING solid in my stomach before I do pills and pomegranate juice! So much for my self-proclaimed "stomach of steel"!

Happy Birthday, Rex!



  1. Otto is a border collie. He will always be finding something "to do". Your cushions, I expect, are his first project.

  2. LOL I'm so glad you didn't take a picture of your um ... well art project on 8th street! lmao

    My son wears a mouth guard at night since he does grind his teeth and he says it is the most wonderful invention.

  3. Hi Cheryl! I'm hope that messing with the cushions are Otto's ONLY project. He's being a wonderful companion so far!

    Berny! Even if I had taken a photo of my 8th street mess, I hope I would have had the good sense to NOT post it here. Of course, there are probably places on the internet where such photos are encouraged.

    I'm glad to hear that your son likes his mouth guard. I've never worn one. I wonder how long it will take me to get used to it? I guess I'll find out.


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