Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Memories Of Hairs Past

As I said, I got caught up a couple of days ago sorting digital photos. Here's a blast from the past. It's the longest my hair ever was since we got a digital camera. The only time I remember it being longer was in my early twenties when I lived in Ottawa. The wonderful humidity there made my hair curl so much more and it was also so much more manageable ... so I let it grow ... and grow.

I have a slight hair obsession. Understandable.

Yesterday was a slight setback. Just enough to remind me not to rush things. Early in the afternoon my left arm, under my armpit, started to feel a little swollen and tender. I had to take it easier for the rest of the day. It wasn't that I was doing so much ... mostly laundry ... up and down the stairs, gathering, loading, unloading, folding. Dishes. Remaking beds in Hannah's and Luke's rooms. I didn't even get to those Christmas boxes!

Today my arm is a little tender still. My jaw caused me some pain yesterday. I'm glad tylenol works for it, because otherwise I would be VERY miserable. I hope the dentist will have some suggestions come Friday.

I'm still snowed in today but am enjoying the bright sunshine. I'll let my arm be my guide today and will probably try to rest it. And then, tonight, I'm going for a walk with Laura. I want to keep up with my walking. I lost 2 pounds since last week! Woohoo!!



  1. Heather. I do admire those earrings. Re. the Christmas boxes--only 10 more months and you'll be wanting to drag them out anyway. We flew into S'toon 9 a.m. Sunday and drove home. The highway was safer than trying to navigate city streets to find a motel!

  2. Oh, Cheryl! I thought of you coming home to this weather! I'll bet you wish you hadn't! I can't believe you drove home on Sunday! CRAZY! Kevin shoveled me out tonight so I can drive tomorrow. I was just as happy to stay off the streets for the past few days.

    Good point about those Christmas boxes. Except that they're filling Luke's room and he'll need to access the floor when he comes home for the summer because that's where he puts his clothes, of course!


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