Sunday, January 31, 2010

Feeding the Soul

You can always count on Laura to not just know how to feed the soul but to actually think to take the time to do it! So I was very lucky to have her phone me today and invite me with her to the conservatory at The Mendel. It was wonderful to breathe in the fresh, humid scents and to see all those lively colours ... so many shades of greens and wonderful contrasts and textures. It was an amazing and welcome change from winter.

We also took in the gallery and saw some very amazing works. I was especially smitten with the work by Ed Pien! I'm so glad I saw it and I might just have to see it again! Here's the link to the Mendel's current exhibitions where his and the works of the other artists are described. About the most amazing part of the Ed Pien exhibit ...
"the exhibition features the first Canadian showing of Haven, a work that was created for the Bellevue Art Museum in Washington State. This imposing installation includes five interlocking paper structures that form a labyrinthine space bounded by jagged hedges, into which visitors are invited to venture. Inside the structures, sound and video elements intermingle with paper vines from which various peculiar figures emerge."
It's worth making the time to stop in at the Mendel to see it! It's great food for both the spirit and the imagination.


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