Monday, January 25, 2010

A Good Day To Stay Inside ...

... and alphabetize!! So much for putting away those boxes of Christmas decorations. I embraced a big organizational and alphabetization project instead.

Through the advancing technologies, our cds have become a mess. I planned to simply add some cds to my iPod but one thing led to another. Sometimes I would open a case and it would be empty or the wrong cd would be inside it. So ... I ended up gathering cds from the cars and from various places in the house (since they've outgrown our cd stand) and then I checked every single case to make sure the right cd was in the right case. I'm left with cds with no cases and a few cases with no cds. And I know my Best of the Bee Gees cd is simply missing. Harrumph! Anyway, once that was done, I had to categorize our collection a little bit so that the largest part of it could fit in our cd stand. This means we now have separate collections of Soundtracks, Reggae, Jazz & Blues, Electronica, Seasonal Music, Classical Music, and mixed cds we've burned ourselves. They're all housed among the books for now. This, incuding uploading onto my computer, took ALL day! A good indoor project on a wintery day! But it's done!

Kevin did much shoveling and managed to get the car out for a bit, too.

I had really hoped my joints would be more improved by now. It seems that my bones aside from the joints feel better and my hips, in particular are improved. So that's good, I guess.

I do have a relatively new issue, though ... sigh ... and I don't have a clue why this is happening. If you recall, a chunk broke away from the front of my upper left back tooth on January 2. The tooth didn't hurt so I didn't feel it was an emergency and I booked the next available appointment with my dentist, which is tomorrow. Then ... about 10 days ago ... my jaw suddenly started clicking when I chewed. It didn't hurt but there was this odd clicking sound. Not all the time. Just sometimes. Then ... three days ago, I started getting radiating pain in the back of my jaw on the left side (the same side as my deteriorating tooth). It's been bad enough that I have to take tylenol for it. It's not constant but at some point I will feel it starting and then it just gets worse and worse until I knock it back with some tylenol and then I don't have trouble again for at least another 12 hours ... long after the tylenol should have worn off. And THEN ... this afternoon ... my jaw started locking and then clicking quite loudly, whenever I closed my mouth and not just when I was chewing. It will occassionally lock in position and when I move it, it makes a louder clicking sound and I can feel it jolt in and out of place. WTF???!!! I'm not prone to jaw and tooth problems, so what's going on??? I know I read about some women suspecting that the Arimidex was causing them problems with their teeth and jaws but I've been off the Arimidex now for 2 months and this is just starting now so I don't see how it could be causing the problem. I hope my Dentist has some ideas tomorrow but I fear she won't have a clue!

Two steps forward. One step back. At least our cds are in order ... ALPHABETICAL order!

Good luck snow wrangling tomorrow!


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