Friday, January 22, 2010

Warning: Parental Gushing!

Hannah is published. She sent me a copy of the journal and it arrived today. She'll be mortified that I'm talking about it here. Oh well.

She was asked to write an article for Chop, a journal "dedicated to the examination and development of the discourse around contemporary printmaking and Print Culture in Canada and abroad"). She got paid for it, too! The special topic of the issue is "conflict". Her article is entitled, "Spatial Arrangement and Information Transfer in Sandow Birk's The Depravities of War", Chop (2009) 34(2): 15-21. And yes, I'm burstin' with pride!

If you're interested in knowing who Sandow Birk is and seeing his work in the series, The Depravities of War, here is the link.

There's good news for Don, too! He's home from the hospital! He's feeling better and all the tests suggest nothing to worry about except that he seems to be allergic to most antibiotics!

I'm happy to say that all seems to be getting better for me, tool! My joints aren't out of the woods yet, but things suddenly seem more promising. Also, I notice that ... and this is hard to describe or explain ... but my brain feels more open and nimble. Like it's come out of a fog. Not just a fog but out of a very tight, little box. It's a good feeling.

Erin and I walked last night for another 50 minutes. This time I remembered to take my step counter and logged 5,578 steps (10,000 steps = 5 miles or 8 km). Then I sat in for a while at a planning meeting for next summer's National Lacrosse Tournament, which we're hosting here in Saskatoon. It will mean lots of work but it will be exciting to have it here. Kevin is in charge of the organizing committee. Big job. Last year was Luke's last year to play, though. Now he's too old. But he might help coach.

Today, Patty, Sharon and I had the luxury of time over lunch at Bliss! It was wonderful to get together and none of us had to rush away. I hadn't been there before and I found it very nice. I liked the menu. Conveniently, Bliss is situated right beside Sandbox In The City and so ... well ... like I said, we had the luxury of time. We just looked, though.

Then, a few errands and here I am at home beaming about seeing our daughter published. Not to be left out, we found Luke's name in the Inside Lacrosse Yearbook this past weekend, too. It lists all the college Division I and II teams for the coming college lacrosse season and talks about the teams and players to watch. There are a lot of speculative articles and commentary. And there was Luke's name in the article about the Bellarmine Knights. No pressure, Luke.

I'm done gushing. For now.



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