Friday, January 1, 2010

Partying with Bonnie and Kelvin and friends!

Thanks, Bonnie and Kelvin! We had a super time at your new years party! We danced. We sang. We laughed. We ate. We drank. It was alllllll good!

I didn't get to the party as early as I had planned. By 6:00 I was so cold in the house that I decided to have a hot bath and it kind of became a bit like the children's book, "If You Give A Mouse a Cookie ... ". I then knew I would need to air that deteriorating skin under my arm, which would mean keeping it explosed and getting cold all over again. So I decided to expose it while the rest of me was under the covers in bed. Good idea. I read while I was there. And then I got sleepy and decided a nap would be good for me anyway. So I slept until sometime after 8:00. I went downstairs and turned on the hockey game and I caught it just between the 2nd and 3rd periods. ACK!! We were losing!! So I curled up under a blankie and watched the rest of the game (what a nail biter!) and waited for Kevin to get home from the game so we could go to the party in one car. It was good that I did have a nap and some quiet time. I was fresh for the party, which we got to shortly after 11:00 and we had a great time! Because of the issues with the skin under my arm, I ended up wearing a pajama top (very loose cotton tank) with a dowdly, old, loose, black cotton cardigan and I dolled the whole ensemble up with a pretty scarf and earrings. Nobody minded and it would have been handy if I'd decided to sleep over.

It was just the right way to ring in a new year and a new decade ... with a bunch of good friends and some new ones, too.
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