Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hair Confidential

Be amazed! I'm growing more hair! It's a bit unruly, don't you think? I broke out the brush.

Here, too, is a photo of me in my new back-to-work wig. It's dark, which is more like my real hair ... if you blur your eyes so as to block out the grey hairs.


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  1. Hey Girlfriend.....long time no talk to. Gail W. here. Just catching up on all the old posts from Dec and Jan that I was behind on. And being very entertained while doing so. You write so well!! You new hair looks marvelous! You look like a fox!! I bet Kevin likes it!! Your own hair looks fab too and is really getting some length to it. I think you are close to the reveal--going with out the wig would look awesome if you have the nerve. I know you could pull it off cause it looks great! Whenever you are ready, you go girl!!


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