Monday, January 4, 2010

The Party's Over!

It may be over, but it is still feeling like a new world full of potential for me. I hope the feeling lasts. It's a little sad to be waking to an empty house but I'm also eager to get on with all the getting better business and I need to wake to an empty house to do that. I need time and space to plan ... get organized ... do some things.

Today, I need to get groceries. Vegetables. I bet I'm not the only one feeling a little short on vegetable intake. Despite the best of intentions over the holidays, that seems to happen.

Today I need to start getting our house back. My house has to be in a state where it's helping me get better, if you know what I mean.

Today I need to pick up a copy of the leisure guide. After keeping the one that came in the newspaper for a while, I stupidly threw it away on a day when I felt like I'd never be able to move my body normally again anyway. While my joints haven't improved, I'm quite certain they will ... very soon ... and I think it best if I start a walking program right away (for which I don't need the leisure guide) and a stretching program, for which I want to look at the leisure guide because I seem to remember in past issues there being some specific classes for people just coming out of long illnesses ... a VERY beginner class ... and that's where I feel I'm at. I need to start somewhere and a class to plan for and get to might work better for me than just stretching however I feel at home. If anyone has any class recommendations, I'd be grateful.

Today I need to book a massage for next week sometime (give my tender, radiated side another week). I've never had a massage in my life but I hear from so many that it can be very good for me. If anyone reading this can recommend someone, I would be grateful.

Today I need to book a dental appointment. Yesterday afternoon I noticed that a piece of my very back upper tooth on my left side is missing. It doesn't hurt and I don't know if it's a chunk that fell off on it's own or if it's a filling that fell out (though I don't think so because it feels like it's right on the front). I'd better have it looked at and the timing is good to see my dentist anyway now that my treatments are over. I saw my dentist in May 2008 just before chemo began as all the literature recommends. I'm not sure if treatments have caused any problems for my teeth, but it wouldn't surprise me if they had. A consultation with my dentist is a good idea at this time, I think. And a cleaning, if my dentist gives me the go ahead.

Everything I do now is geared to getting back my life. I'm excited about that and about gaining the stamina for a normal life again. I'm even crossing my fingers that I'll be able to develop more stamina than I had before I learned I had breast cancer. After all, the tumour had been there for a while and maybe it was the reason or part of the reason I'd been feeling so tired and worn out the past few years. I'm very excited about the possibility of gaining back more energy than I've had for a long while. And I'm excited about getting back to work ... feeling purposeful ... having lunch with my colleagues ... biking in the spring and summer on my beautiful orange cruiser to and from the University ... having more than just occasional fun with friends ... feeling engaged again in all kinds of things beyond my health. That's the ticket!

But first, I have to read today's paper!


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