Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shedding. No Need To Wince.

I'm losing more skin under my arm. It's not too terrible. I just have to be very careful with it. It's like peeling after a bad sunburn except a bit deeper. The skin peeling away is thicker ... like card stock instead of onion skin paper. It's peeling in that part under my arm that I wrote about earlier as being the most sore (but is less sore now). It's that divot between the armpit and the breast/chest, right where the scar is from having two of my lymph nodes removed. It doesn't look like it's going to be problematic, though, at this point and I'm confident that with reasonable care it will heal quite nicely and in good time.

There's another area that has been peeling for about a week now but I haven't said anything about it mostly because of the wince-factor, which isn't nearly as bad as you might think. So don't wince if you can help it, though I admit I wince thinking about it but that's only reflexive. It's really not bad at all. The skin of most of my areola has disappeared. It's obvious because there's only a ragged, outer ring of very dark skin there (very dark from the radiation) while most of the area is now a baby pink and has that new skin look. I notice bits of dark skin stuck on the inside of my tops but I don't feel the skin coming off. It's shedding more than peeling and aside from the whole area being a bit tender, it's not sore at all. So don't wince. It's not bad and I'm not worried about it.

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