Saturday, January 16, 2010

Doing the No Shuffle Shuffle

Last night Darrel and Lynn took us out to dinner to the 2nd Avenue Grill! And then we came back to our place to play Hand and Foot (Canasta). I hadn't played in over a year and it was good to play again. Also good to warm up for tonight's kaiser tournie!

One problem for me is shuffling, especially all the cards needed to play Hand and Foot. I finally left it to the others.

My hands, especially my right hand, have been especially achy the past couple of days. In general, my joints don't seem to be improving, which is increasingly discouraging since being told that I should be seeing improvements by now. If things don't improve soon, I'm contemplating firing off an email to the manufacturer and to the scientists leading the clinical studies about this side effect. It can't hurt to try. Maybe someone there would be gracious enough and knowledgeable enough to answer some questions for me. I'm starting to worry that this side effect could be permanent.

Kevin and I are excited to be dogsitting Otto while Darrel and Lynne are on vacation! It will be like a doggie test drive for us. I can't wait! I think Otto comes to stay on January 29 or thereabouts.

I'll post my "Saturday Hair Photo" later today, though don't hold your breath in that I don't think much has changed since Monday.

It looks like another beautiful day in Saskatoon! Lately there have been days when it's been warmer here than in Kentucky! Bizarre!


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