Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Road Trip!

I made hamburger (with chickpeas) soup today. This is it. I'm waiting for it to cool before I taste it.

I'm a little calmer tonight after my emotional roller coaster day. Exhausted but calmer. It helped to have Kevin come home. I cried all over again telling him about my stupid cry fest at yoga. It's so aggravating because it's so misleading to others. I bet I'll be better next time, which is Monday. Better at not crying, that is. Not likely to be better at yoga. Man, I suck!!

Tomorrow I'm going to Kyle to spend a few days with Mom. It's her birthday tomorrow, so the timing is right. Plus, it's wonderful to be free to travel again! It will be good to get out of town ... spend some time with Mom ... and ROAD TRIP!! I love road trips. Me ... the highway ... tunes ... loud singing. No crying permitted.

So tonight I'd better finish putting away the rest of the Christmas decorations. Kevin brought me a couple of empty boxes from work, so that will help.

Congratulations to Elaine, who is 9 times a Grandma! Don't ask!!
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  1. I love road trips too! They are such fun and there's always something new and interesting to see. Safe trip and have a wonderful time with your mum .. you being there with her will be the best birthday present she could get :)


  2. Thanks, Karen! It was wonderful to get out of town and spend some time with Mom, see some friends in Kyle and just have a change of scene! It gave me a little more zest for diving into exercise this week!


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